Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peace & Blessings Multiplied

(2 Peter 1:2) Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

Do you have peace? Do you have it when the trials surround you? You can! This verse is a part of Peter's opening greeting to a people who know something about trials and persecution. They needed encouragement so Peter writes this prayer wish for them.

Peter's desire is that grace and peace would be multiplied to them. Here grace is God's blessings because they are reconciled to God. Grace pardons and sanctifies. Peace also comes from being reconciled to God and having our sins forgiven. The peace Peter prays for here is a calmness of heart in the midst of trials.

Peter writes that peace and grace can be multiplied to them. the word for multiplied can also mean to abound, to have more than enough. Peters audience needed this grace and peace and it could be theirs. You and I also need it and it can also be ours. How?

Notice Peter says "through knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord." The Word for "knowledge" in Greek is επιγνωσις meaning true, clear, full knowledge, to know exactly, completely. It is a personal, intimate knowledge where one understands more through a relationship, a growing knowledge- getting to know something that changes or effects us. This is different from γνωσις- (knowledge) such as academic knowledge of facts.

We grow in this first word for knowledge by our experience with God and how He works in our life. By learning more about Him and as we watch Him at work through every aspect of our lives, especially through trials & difficulties.

The objects of this knowledge is our God and His self-revelation to us- His Son the Lord Jesus.

Therefore, we must have a strong, vibrant relationship to our Father and to our Lord to enjoy wonderful peace and grace. Experiential knowledge changes us, draws us closer to our God, puts us in a position to experience more of His blessings (to recognize them too), and allows us to greatly enjoy the peace that we can only receive from our God and our relationship to Him.

We can have wonderful peace and have it abundantly! The stronger our relationship to God the more peace we experience, the more blessings we receive, the more joy to fill our hearts no matter what goes on around us. It can all be ours in Christ!! Are you experiencing it? I hope so.

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