Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Is Your Response?

What should be our response to the Christmas message? In Luke 2 the shepherds were visited by an angel from the Lord which proclaimed that their Messiah has finally come. This was truly good news. Other than being overwhelmed by the great visitation from the heavenly host that night, how did the shepherds respond to this great news? Verses 15-20 reveal three important responses that would be good for us to ponder and imitate.

I. Acceptance vv.15-16: Notice that these shepherds accepted the message and were eager to see their Messiah. “Let us now go,” the grammar suggests that they were repeating the statement to each other. The particle “now” expresses urgency; they were excited. Why can’t we be this excited about the Messiah? Notice also in v.15 that they recognized that the message was from the Lord. They accepted the message as true. V.16 says that they “came with haste” and found “the babe lying in a manger.” Notice that the shepherds responded immediately. There was nothing lackadaisical about their actions. If you are reading this post and you have never accepted the Lord Jesus as your personal savior; please do so today. (You can go to our church website and read how to be saved www.faithbaptistkittery.org ) For those reading who are believers there ought to be a vigor and excitement in our hearts over the Lord Jesus!!

II. They Testified of the Messiah v.17-19: The Shepherds spread the word. They couldn’t keep the good news to themselves. They were the 1st evangelists!! V.18 tells us that the people marveled over the news. This kind of wonderful news should cause us to ponder the grace of God. V.19 explains Mary’s response to the news from the shepherds. She just silently took it all in and “pondered them in her heart.” The word “pondered” has the idea of “weighed” meaning to deeply think about all the things she heard from the shepherds and from her own angelic visit. What news! All we can do is marvel over it and share it to needy people who are living in the darkness of sin.

III. They Rejoiced v.20: The shepherds returned to their flocks glorifying and praising God for His grace in sending their Messiah. The word for “praising” may refer to singing of a song- possibly singing a Psalm from the Old Testament. This is only a proper response to such mighty works of God!!
Are we rejoicing over our Salvation? Praising God! Publicly? We of all people ought to be people of Joy!! Let us purpose to be people of joy (New Years resolution), it will greatly glorify God!!

How much do you adore your Savior?? God in His grace, over 2,000 years ago, sent our Savior into the world so that we could be reconciled to Himself.

God intervened in history & sent the Light to dispel the darkness.

The Angels rejoiced! The shepherds rejoiced! Mary & Joseph rejoiced! Zechariah & Elizabeth rejoiced! Simeon & Anna rejoiced! Let us rejoice also for we too enjoy God’s favor. Adore your Savior & Glorify Him this Christmas season!!

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